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A Bit About Us

Meet Marie. . .

Marie Schumacher founded Serenity Farm Horse Rescue in 2019, based from her home farm in Woodbury, Connecticut.

Marie has spent her life with animals, particularly dogs and horses, and has developed keen insight into their personalities and how to help them overcome challenges.  As Marie became aware of the terrors faced by the ever-increasing number of horses exported from the United States for slaughter (125,000 in 2015 alone), she realized that she wanted to do whatever she could to make even a small impact in this crisis.

In 2019 Marie founded Serenity Farm Horse Rescue, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming horses in crisis. 

We are in the process of raising funds to expand the barn and fund operations…we hope you will donate today to join our mission!


Meet Shay...

Shay came to us as a very underweight and scared horse, yet even then he still craved attention in small ways.  Soon after arriving, he had a full veterinary examination.  That’s when we learned that Shay had a condition that was causing him to lose his eyesight.

After many months of treatment to control the pain, plus thousands of dollars in vet bills, we had hopes of some of Shay’s sight returning.  Sadly, the result was that he lost over 80 percent of his vision.

We have provided Shay with love, consistent care and continued safety.  He is an amazing horse, displaying extreme resiliency.  Shay quickly became trusting of our gentle touches and responded well to our voices, learning voice commands that help him maneuver.  He loves his food and especially our student volunteers!  

Shay will always be a Serenity Farm Horse Rescue resident and will live the rest of his days here in peace, surrounded by those that love, care for and protect him. 

He is one of the lucky ones.  So many other horses who reach the end of their usefulness meet other fates too horrible to repeat.  Donate today to help us to save more horses like Shay. 

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