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Sponsorship Opportunities

At our rescue, we have many very special horses who need your support.
By sponsoring one of these magnificent equine companions, you can make a significant difference in their life and help us continue our mission of providing love, care, and second chances to horses in need. Choose from four different levels of sponsorship and embark on a journey filled with gratitude, compassion, and the joy of making a lasting impact.

All levels of sponsorship come with a Digital Certificate of Sponsorship and email updates about your new Equine friend.

🌟 Stable Supporter ($30 per month): As a Stable Supporter, you are generously contributing to their daily care, including nutritious meals, comfortable shelter, medications and supplements. Your support at this level ensures a solid foundation for their well-being.

🌟 Farrier Fund ($70 per month): As a Farrier Fund Sponsor, your support plays a vital role in ensuring the hoof health and well-being of our rescued horses. By sponsoring this specific program, you help guarantee the ongoing availability of professional farrier services, giving our horses the care they need for healthy and sound hooves. 

🌟 Veterinarian Voices ($125 per month): As a compassionate advocate for equine health, your support as a Veterinarian Voices sponsor directly impacts the well-being of our rescued horses. By sponsoring this program, you provide the necessary resources to ensure our horses receive comprehensive veterinary care, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and any necessary medical treatments.

🌟 Trailblazers Sponsorship ($250 per month): As a Trailblazer sponsor, you are dedicated to the growth of our rescue organization, your support plays a crucial role in expanding our impact and reaching more horses in need. By sponsoring this program, you help us enhance our facilities, improve our resources, and strengthen our outreach efforts.

By sponsoring a horse at our rescue, you become a vital part of their journey towards physical and emotional healing. Your support also enables us to continue helping more horses in need, extending our reach and spreading the message of compassion and second chances. Together, let's make a positive difference and give these wonderful creatures the love and care they deserve. Thank you for your generosity.

certificate of sponsorship for horse rescue
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