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Meet our Horses

At Serenity Farm Horse Rescue, we have several rescue cases both long-term and now living at their forever home here in Connecticut, and those that are working in a rehabilitation program to be adopted. While our goal is to rehabilitate and re-home our rescues, some of our residents are now permanent members of the Serenity Farm Horse Rescue family.

Check out our horses available for adoption!


Shetland Mini

10 years old

Biscuit is our resident cool kid!

He is as sweet and laid back as he is adorable. Biscuit was rescued 2 years ago from a neglect case. It was apparent he was locked in a stall for most his life. His hooves were untrimmed and were extremely long, having caused a great deal of pain. He has mange and was seriously underweight. His healing journey was slow, but his attitude is unmatched - grateful for all who pay attention to him and the care he receives. He is our perfect companion to help new rescues settle in. 

He loves being our mascot, going to fundraisers and events, and the attention of our volunteers. Biscuit has been one of our best friends for helping our kids learn more about horse care - and having fun!


15hh Morgan Horse Cross

6 Years old

Dante was rescued as a 4 year old. He is now 6 years old and beginning his journey under tack! 

Dante was rescued from a neglect case and was seriously underweight. He showed behavioral signs of physical abuse, and was very timid and insecure.  

It didn't take him long to realize that people can be good, and that love from people feels good. He has now been backed, is accepting his riders well, lunging, and trailering. He is a quick learner, super smart, and motivated to please. For him, the past is in the past!


He is currently up for adoption!


Connemara cross

20 years old

Shamus is a 20 year old connemara rescue who has had many careers. He was a school horse who taught many kids to ride in lower-level dressage and as a hunter/jumper. 


When he came to us, he was underweight and had an eye disease that was left untreated, resulting in almost total blindness. He truly loves attention and will even fall asleep while being groomed. This is the kindest sweetest rescue we have had!


Shamus will always require eye medication and treatment to reduce pain and discomfort, and to keep his eyes from becoming infected. And, of course, a carrot for taking his meds like the champion he's always been!

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