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Horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules endure shocking forms of abuse and neglect at the hands of those supposed to care for them and keep them safe. As seasoned Connecticut horsewomen, photographer Sarah Grote and author Andrea Steele bring awareness to how equines come to be at risk, and introduce you to the Connecticut people who work tirelessly to rebuild the lives of these animals.


Learn how the fine line of what constitutes criminal abuse and neglect makes lawful convictions difficult. Having people surrender their animals to a private rescue is usually the best answer.


In sensitive, revealing, and inspirational stories of nine Connecticut rescues and retirement facilities, Steele and Grote explain what occurs from backyard farms—to large stables—to the halls of Congress, and the western rangeland where America’s Mustangs roam free. Learn specific ways we can join together to stop the neglect and abuse.


                                     Advanced Praise for SAVED


“In SAVED author Andrea Steele’s writing and Sarah Grote’s photography have presented a very well-balanced account of both the harsh and the hopeful side of horse rescue. SAVED is realistic and filled with diverse stories of sadness, survival, and triumph. This book is a must-read for all who champion and care for the rescued equine.”—Sally Feuerberg, Feature Writer


“‘SAVED’ is a primer for kindness and a call to action that should be on the shelf of every horse person.”

—L.A. Sokolowski, Equine Industry Journalist


“Not just heartwarming, but perhaps the most meaningful information that everyone who likes horses needs to read about the plight of these innocent animals in today’s difficult world.”

—Margaret Kunz, Classical Trainer and Breeder of Spanish PRE Horses


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SAVED: Equine Rescues of Connecticut

Books will ship in June or Early July
  • Serenity Farm Horse Rescue is excited to be one of the 9 rescues featured in the book.

    This item is currently for presale.  The book will be available for shipping in June or ealry July.  These presales will be signed copies by the author, please add in the section below if you would like a message, or addressed to anyone. 

    This book is a 9x9 Hardcover book, Beautifully printed in the USA

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